Tuesday, April 20, 2010

That's what I get for playing with dead animals in my room.

This is my first stop motion animation. My concept was to create an environment out of my own environment. The materials used are objects I found around my room and outside around my neighborhood. Some of it is kind of awkward but I think I've got the hang of it now and can make a better one next time! Enjoy!

Oh also, if you want to see it full screen you have to go to youtube because apparently my blog isn't wide enough...


  1. please do make another one, that was tight. and who is john greg? i really like his music.

    ps. i miss you cel!

  2. Thanks chezleeeeeaaaaa! I will make another as soon as i buy a good camera. and john gregg is a friend of mine.. go to this link and click on the nothingness and eternity album to hear a bunch of his musiccc:


    you should be able to get a couple mp3s fo free.

    and i miss you toooooo im coming up to SC in a couple weeks! i will call you!!!