Thursday, April 14, 2011

Think Sink!

In Design for Sustainability we were sponsored by the Long Beach Aquarium and were asked to complete a project to raise awareness about sea level rise (SLR) caused by global warming. My team and I decided to create a campaign and use humorous products to grab the public's attention and lead them to our website where they could learn more about SLR, decreasing their carbon footprint, and sign various environmental petitions. For my part of the campaign I made a beach ball bikini, sea level rise boxer briefs (to be worn with saggy pants), sea level rise thong, and sea level rise socks (in different heights for different states depending on how many inches their sea level will rise (California's are 15 inches, South Carolina's are 6 inches). Photos taken by Robert Evans.

I also executed this animation but the concept is by my partners, Sujin Hwang and WooYong Lee.

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